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4 Underwater Activities You Can Participate In

4 Underwater Activities You Can Participate In

Water has been a good friend of humans since the dawn of mankind. It gave us hydration as well as being a medium to plant crops. Besides using it as a means of nourishment, water is also an excellent sports medium. You’ve probably heard of synchronised swimming or water diving. There are many sports when it comes to water and even more when you think underwater. The type of underwater activities varies from scuba diving to aquathon. These activities are sports activities for the bravest of them all so be careful of what you’re getting into.

First of all is scuba diving. Scuba diving is a sport that anyone can participate in as long as you’re near an ocean that allows scuba diving. Dive Tenggol is among those places in Terengganu that allows you to scuba dive. Scuba diving is interesting to many as it allows for the individuals to swim freely underwater and see the interesting ecosystem the ocean has got to offer. It may now be for the faint-hearted though as one may come across some sharks or humongous crabs on the ocean bed. Scuba diving is also one of those activities you should try at least once in your life.

Next is underwater exercise. Underwater exercising is an interesting activity since it requires you to be halfway submerged into the water. There are quite a number of facilities offering this since they believe that exercising underwater is more beneficial rather than exercising on land. Underwater exercise requires equipment such as a treadmill or an elliptical trainer to be submerged underwater. Of open water diver certification , these equipment should be waterproof or never rust as it would pollute the water. Furthermore, underwater exercising can also be done in a group and is a very good therapy for injured individuals.

If you’re still all in for the underwater experience, this one’s for you. Underwater Sea Walking. Although underwater sea walking is not a relatively known sport, it is quite an interesting way to move underwater. While fish have fins, we have our feet. While you’re walking underwater on the seabed, you should be careful not to damage the ecosystem below. If you’re worried about your oxygen supply and safety, we assure you you’re safe. You will be plugged to an oxygen tank and have an astronaut-like mask on your head which allows for you to enjoy the view of the ocean clearly. You will also be accompanied by a professional to ensure your safety.

Finally, if you just want a hassle-free underwater experience, we encourage you to try underwater dining. Underwater dining is a one-of-a-kind experience where you can dine like a king under the water. The restaurant is usually submerged into the ocean with thick glass panels covering them to ensure no water leaks through. You can dine while watching fish and other underwater creatures alike swimming near you. Though these restaurants are usually in man-made pools they still do provide the same level of experience as a sea does.

After looking through all these activities you can participate in which one do you think you’re interested in? Is it underwater dining or scuba diving? Even if you’re not much of a water person, we’ll encourage you to try either one of these to broaden your perspective on underwater activities.

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