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A Perfect Diet for A Full Timer Like You

A Perfect Diet

Hey, you. Yeah, you. The one reading this. Have you taken your breakfast? No? What’s that? Haven’t had the time to do so? Well, that’s perfectly normal if you’re a full-time employee who doesn’t care about his/her health. I am sorry if you are offended but I said what I said through it is the right time. I know it’s hard to find some time to swallow some meal for the day in the middle of your busy schedule while pile of new work come uninvited as you are busy doing the work from the last week.

Here are the tips:

First thing first, you should know that the most ideal time to take your breakfast is before 8 in the morning. A cup of coffee, no matter how tempting it looks like, should not be the first and only one to sip into your throat before you rush to office. The best breakfast would be home-cooked oats, fruits and yogurt, toaster with an egg or if not, perhaps baked beans!

One tip for you. If you want to know whether you had a good breakfast in branded cofee shop or not, be alert if you ever feel peckish after a few hours like you spend  – which is a good sign for your life and relationships. At this time it should be around 10 o’clock in the morning. The best snack you could have for now are some wholegrain crackers, no, not with Nutshell, but a low-fat jam/spread. And do have a cup of green tea to quench your thirst, having three cups is even better as it has proven to augment the rate of metabolism in one’s body.

Lunch hour is when the sugar is begging to be consumed more than ever. Do not fall to this trap! In order to avoid you from fulfilling your sugar craving, make sure to eat something containing adequate amount of protein and vegetables. Chicken salads or tuna sandwiches would do. From 3 to 4 pm you should also be feeling hungry. Well, before you go on digging some rice, try nut-based snack or crackers instead. Many e-commerce site provide this kinds of food such as online meat supplier Singapore.

Last but not least is your dinner. Do not take it too late. You better it eat between the span 6 pm –7 pm. Your dinner should be lighter, but make sure to include vegetables and salads in it. It’s okay to have it after 8, but have a light meal such as soup instead.

Well, that’s pretty much the tips I can give for a full-timer of 9-5 like you. Happy trying!

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