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Alpha Backup System: A Cloud Storage Provider in Malaysia

cloud storage provider in malaysia

Internet safety is something vital nowadays. In the world of company management and business, we always hear the term cloud storage, but what exactly it is? Is it has something to do with the existence of the sky and ozone on Earth’s atmosphere. No, and no. Data is transported and kept on distant storage systems. That is where it is maintained, managed, backed up, and made available to users across the internet. Users often pay a monthly fee based on how much data they save in the cloud. Cloud service providers are in charge of managing and maintaining data that has been migrated to the cloud. Storage services are available, and they will eliminate the need for businesses to purchase, operate, and maintain their own storage infrastructure. There are so many options when it comes to cloud storage providers in Malaysia.

In Alpha Backup System, they deliver an enterprise-grade solution at a small business price. All of them are physically and virtually through the cloud. Both Alto and Siris have their functionality. They will gain insights into every backup and observe and virtualize your whole infrastructure of business in as little as 6 seconds. They then will screenshot it as verification for user satisfaction. ALTO is powered by an x64 server, which makes it a secure data protection platform, suitable for your business for a step into the future of security. 

cloud storage provider in malaysia

Made by a disk-based database, Alto uses a hybrid cloud type technology, which means that data is backed up and mirrored to an on-site backup disaster recovery (BDR) system before being sent back to the Alpha Cloud. Alto is ideal for small and medium companies (SMBS) since it has a variety of intriguing features in addition to being economical. Alto is an all-in-one gadget.

It all depends on how the businesses want to manufacture their goods. It can hold up to 2TB of data, which is equivalent to several servers. Data was replicated to the cloud and retrievable with a high granularity from different points in time, allowing any support to be kept as a virtual machine off-site. Alto protects your entire system, so if a ransomware attack wipes out your Windows and slows down your business-critical applications, Alto can help, and it constantly on the lookout for evidence of ransomware infestations. The alert will be sent out automatically, allowing them to travel back in time and remove the threat before paying the ransom.

On the other hand, Siris is a Disaster Recovery device that was one of the BCDR options for a corporation that wanted to avoid computer systems from failing and losing data. This cloud backup in Malaysia is a device that can restore data loss in the event of a calamity, such as a fire or a ransomware attack. Siri is an excellent Business Continuity Management tool. Siris provides a one-way solution for large businesses or organizations. They regularly backup their data, such as the government. Siris is not difficult to set up because it requires or can be set up using LAN or VLAN connectivity. You can just link the first and second Siris together. That way your data will be stored in the private server and data will be safe from any type of threats like fires, floods, you name it.  

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