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Baby Shower Gifts For Mothers

products for new mothers

Baby showers are the best time to show your appreciation of somebody as they bloom into parenthood. It may be their first, second or third time, but every pregnancy is different and new and, so, it is worth celebrating. While many people focus on the baby and buy gifts for them, some neglect to think of the mother and father who actually go through the process of labour together. There are several ways to show appreciation for them, make them feel beautiful as they enter this new stage of life. Here are some gift ideas to show that you are thinking of the new parents during this time.

  1. Breast pumps

The products for new mothers are endless. Try the best breast pumps out there to help them feed their little one. It also makes it easier for the father to take part in feeding the baby when their partner is tired. Labour is no easy feat, so we always appreciate the extra hand to help out with the newborn. 

products for new mothers

2.     Baby carriers

Baby carriers are another great present for both parents. These allow them to walk around with their baby strapped to their chests. It helps if parents want to try light activities like walks. Carriers also let them multi-task. Being a new parent is hard. With so much focus on the baby it can be hard to remember to do grocery shopping, or buy the baby’s clothes and diapers, or even clean any room outside the baby’s room. A great carrier secures the baby properly to the parents body, allowing them physical contact while the parent gets work done.

3.     Baby monitor

Baby monitors are devices placed in the baby’s room and the parent’s room to monitor all the activity in their baby’s room. Some come with visual and audio properties, but the cheaper ones are audio; imitating radio transmitters.  They are a useful device especially if both parents are trying to keep the baby on the same sleeping schedule to fall as them. As an extra gift you can install it for them. For the audio ones, it is a matter of placing one radio in the parents’ room and the other in the baby room. Visual ones often work on wi-fi, so there is no complicated process involved. Many that offer visuals of the baby come with night visual components to let the parents watch their baby even at night.

4.     Maternity clothes

Pregnancy includes the unpredictable fluctuation of weight as fluids enter and leave the body. Maternity clothes are great because they are elastic, allowing for the expansion and shrinking of the body through the nine months and post-natal period. These don’t have to be drab and unattractive. Many maternal clothing companies make their clothes stylish and trendy. Go for a collection of clothes: joggers, leggings, dresses and skirts. They are made with a good breathable material that makes them easy to remove and put on, as well. 

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