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Best Qualities Of A Tenant To Look Out For When Renting A House

Kota Damansara

It’s a little like dating to find a decent tenant. You go through potential candidates until you find someone who shares your values and whom you can trust. Instead of lengthy walks on the beach, you’re looking for someone who won’t break your heart by causing your sink to overflow. Aside from the hassle of fixing damages, picking the incorrect tenant for your rental property might result in significant costs. Especially if there is a high rate of tenant turnover, which costs $1,750 per month on average. 

A renter who refuses to pay rent or participates in illegal activity may be evicted in severe cases. This behaviour not only jeopardizes your safety, the safety of your neighbours, and your investment, but it also puts your health and financial well-being at risk. Nobody wants to spend their hard-earned wealth on an attorney or filing costs, waste time in court, or lose money because of tenant turnover or vacancies. So, how can you discover fantastic renters in Kota Damansara or around Malaysia, who won’t cause you any problems?

Income and employment stability

To feel secure in your tenant’s capacity to pay rent in full and on time every month, many landlords want proof of consistent income and job. The industry standard rent-to-income ratio advises that a tenant’s monthly income should be three times the cost of rent, however this varies by state. 

For example, rent in some states is often substantially lower than in city areas, therefore the “3x rule” may apply differently depending on fair market rent in your location. You must always request an income estimate in your rental forms (check your local regulations or consult with your legal counsel to see what you may ask), but don’t always trust the figures offered. In addition to manually verifying each applicant’s income, you may also utilize useful tools like Income Insights, which analyses:

  • How much does your renter pay toward their debts?
  • The sorts of debts they have and how much money they spend
Kota Damansara

Respectful Attitude

It’s critical to choose tenants that are courteous of both the landlord and the neighbours. While residing in your rental home, a polite renter will keep you informed about maintenance concerns and take care of their own obligations. Respectful tenants are more likely to do the following:

  • Rent must be paid on time.
  • Observe the lease conditions.
  • Avoid causing a squabble with your neighbours or other tenants.
  • Avoid causing damage to your property that isn’t normal wear and tear.
  • Communicate courteously and promptly.

It’s vital to remember, though, that respect is a two-way street. Provide a move-in letter, reply immediately to tenant inquiries, correct tenant issues, pay for repairs, and talk lease renewal early on to show your tenants the same respect. Why is it so important to have a good landlord-tenant relationship? Tenants who are happy remain longer and have lower turnover rates.

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