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Do You Know All These Medical Knowledge?

The strong professional appeal of the medical profession for many students who would like to obtain a medical degree malaysia and the reverence for life, illness and death have always made the profession of doctor very attractive. 

What are the differences and links between medical science and pharmacy?

Pharmacy is a separate discipline from medical science and the relationship between them is inseparable. The two disciplines are different and intertwined, with medical science focusing on disease and pharmacy on drugs. In short, those who study medicine need to know what the medicine treats, and those who study medical science need to know what medicine to use for the disease. 

Medical universities do not necessarily lead to becoming a doctor

Many people immediately think of the future employment position of doctors and hospitals when they hear of medical universities, but in fact, medicine universities contain many specialities, and what we often call medicine is actually just a collective name for a discipline, with 11 first-level disciplines: basic medicine, clinical medicine, dentistry, public health and preventive medicine, Chinese medicine, combined Chinese and Western medicine, pharmacy, traditional Chinese medicine, forensic medicine, medical technology, nursing. The first level of medicine will include a number of specialities. The medical profession does not correspond to a career as a doctor, and many people who study medicine do not necessarily pursue a career as a doctor.

What is the difference between basic medical science and clinical science?

Basic medical science is a natural science that studies the nature of human life and disease phenomena and their laws. It mainly includes the following contents: human anatomy, histology, embryology, physiology, biochemistry, microbiology and microbiology, parasitology, immunology, pathology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, toxicology, molecular biology and epidemiology.  While Clinical science is a discipline that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of patients’ problems, physical or psychological problems, discomfort or illnesses, based on the foundations of basic medicine.

What are the advantages of the medical profession?

The biggest advantage is undoubtedly stability. The body of knowledge in the discipline is already relatively well developed and the career path is so clear that there is simply no risk of losing one’s job in mid-life. As for AI, apart from the risk of pathology imaging tests, there is simply no ability to replace most doctors in the short term. 

It is important for those who study medicine to be able to understand this law and help their families and friends to solve their problems. If you have the opportunity to do real clinical work, I believe you will have more experience. If you are born to enjoy the love and affection of others and to help others, this quality is very suitable for clinical work, even if there are a thousand disadvantages, but you can not stop the pursuit of values.

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