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Purchase criteria of vibrating eggs

Buying a sex toy is often done on impulse. Especially in the case of vibrating eggs, which are so inexpensive. It is true, it is not necessary to dwell on the matter much. But it does recommend that you consider certain criteria so that your new acquisition does not disappoint you. Nobody likes to throw their money away!

There is a material for each person

  • Batteries or battery?
  • Let’s not lose sight of aesthetics
  • Waterproof or submersible?
  • Security

There is a material for each person

The material today most used in the production of vibrating eggs use to be silicone. Why? On account of the touch it provides, its elements and because it happens to be hypoallergenic. However, it happens not to be the only choice. The other potentials might not be as obtainable on the market. 

But you should know that they exist to be able to search for them:

Silicone. As it is mentioned, it is one of the most common materials. For additional safety, several brands make use of medical-grade silicone. Its toxicity use to be zero and it doesn’t degrade with use. Because it retains body temperature, toys made with silicone are very comfortable, you can order sex toys Malaysia online.

Rubber. It happens to be combined with silicone often to provide a skin-like feel. It is soft and squishy. It is cheaper than silicone.

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). It transpires a solid and elastic material simultaneously. It is the material from which Lego pieces are made, for example. It is often part of the external parts of the vibrator, such as buttons or handles, if you have one.

Metal. Undoubtedly, it happens to be one of the most stylish materials. Metal vibrators use to be made of stainless steel usually. But they also can be made of titanium, aluminium, or even gold or silver. These simulators are especially solid but may feel cool to the touch.

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