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Round or square gutter?

It would seem that both considered gutters made of the same material should not differ. But there is also a significant difference. Let’s consider the differences. And why you choose Roof Guttering Service at RGS Maintenance.

The first difference is the installation technology.

Installation of a round gutter system is easier and faster, it is assembled like a children’s designer. For its assembly, universal fasteners are used to ensure the strength and water tightness of the joint. Pipes can be extended in length with special adapters. The round gutter is more compact and lighter. The installation of a round gutter is not limited by anything.

Elements of a square gutter are connected with rivets, the joints are treated with a sealant. The installation process is more complicated than that of a round gutter. They also differ in fasteners that fix square pipes to the wall of the building. They are more massive because must ensure the strength of the fastening of heavy square pipes.

The second difference is appearance.

According to the designers, a circular gutter is more attractive. Round gutters are more common than square gutters. In style, square gutters are more reminiscent of buildings from the early 20th century. Round ones are more common.

The third difference is the throughput of pipes.

With the same dimensions, square gutters let more water pass. Remember geometry: the area of ​​a circle inscribed in a square is less than the area of ​​the square itself. In this case, only one question arises: “What flow of water should fall on the house so that a round gutter with a smaller section cannot cope with it?” Such weather phenomena are probably rare.

The fourth difference is functionality.

Roofers note the opportunity to bring any design solutions to life with a round gutter. The system can be assembled in several planes. Connecting elbows allow you to turn them at different angles and directions, bypass any corners of the building and architectural elements. There are simply no restrictions on installation, and at the same time, each joint subject to the minimum requirements for installation and connection of individual elements of the system will be guaranteed to have sufficient strength, neat appearance, and absolute waterproofness.

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