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Signs That You Are A People Pleaser

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Being a people pleaser is not all bad, but it can be toxic and hurtful at times. There is nothing wrong with being kind and helpful to others. But sometimes, this person can take a step higher than just being kind, they will adjust and restyle their speech just to make a person happy and for their feeling sake.  These are the people who go beyond just helping the ones they care about in their life and expect that those people need and want this favor or characteristics. People pleaser will spend all their time and energy on others just to gain the likes and adorations. It’s not always good for a person to keep pleasing others because it can damage themselves and the person, they are trying to please. Something like MLM software, where they seek for other needs and wants. There are several signs that show that someone or even you are a people pleaser.

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Underestimate Yourself

A person who tends to please others has low self-esteem and puts their potential and values down from other person’s grants. The perception of being worth is when they are only able to be useful to another person and needs that person’s acceptance in order to feel valued.

The Likes And Adoration

People pleaser often worries about rejections and declinations. They worry and get anxious about this a lot. This leads to them is a must in making others happy, in order to not be rejected. This person believes that they are needed and will be receiving love and kindness back from the person who needs it.

“NO” Is Not A Answer

Even though this person fears rejection, they are the ones that are not able to reject others. Turning down a favor that requires them makes them feel guilty and worries them into thinking they don’t care about others. So just end up saying yes to everything others ask for, even though they don’t have the time and energy. It can be a common thing to agree on helping someone despite not wanting to, like to impress your boss and lectures but if this thing becomes a routine cycle, it may be toxic to the people-pleaser self. Others, may take advantage of this situation and ignoring the people pleaser’s needs because they assume this people-pleaser will do it anyways.

Say Sorry And Accepting Blames

People pleasers are always ready to apologize and be the victim blame for anything that goes wrong, although they got nothing to do with the situation. Sometimes, it is obviously the other’s fault that causes the problem, but people pleaser volunteer themselves to blame a situation that they have no control of.

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