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The Organic and The Not So Organic

Organic Fertiliser

How much do you know about fertiliser? Choosing the right fertiliser is so important, because it will affect your soil condition, and eventually, it will affect the condition of your plant too!

Do you have any plant at your home? If yes, are you using organic or inorganic fertiliser you are using for your plant? In today’s topic, I will be exploring the organic and inorganic of fertiliser, to find out which one is the best for your plant.

It does not matter what you are using for, the purpose of fertiliser is to provide nutrients to your plant. Organic fertiliser, which is the one from our own, the most natural fertiliser you can find.

Inorganic Fertiliser

Inorganic fertiliser will be those you see from the plant shop, garden shop, those you see with a professional packaging are those that are inorganic. All of these fertiliser has been filtered.

Of course, the organic level will not be as rich as the organic fertiliser.

Well, if you are curious about the fertiliser smell, then no worries, it won’t be “smelly”, basically, it will not have any smell, especially the inorganic fertiliser. Always seek for palm oil fertiliser manufacture for professional guidance if you are not sure about how to take care of your plant.

You can always monitor your plant with their appearance. Well, don’t do that do human, only to plants. You will know whether the plant is healthy or not by seeing the appearance.

I would not suggest you to choose the “not so BAJAKU MALAYSIA organic” fertiliser is because using this for long term for your plant, it will not supply fully the nutrients to your soil, and vice versa, the “pure” fertiliser are able to supply full nutrients to your soil. To make sure you know the basics, please approach a good management.

To conclude, I would recommend you to go for the organic instead of the “not so organic”. So, which fertiliser do you prefer for your plant? Also, aside from your plant, please also watch a good diet for yourself as well!

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