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YouTube Channels You Should Watch

There are too many YouTube channels that we have finally lost count of how many even exist. YouTube creators pump out content for consumers like you and I to make use of. However, how many of that content is actually usable. We’ve gathered some YouTube channels we recommend you look into to learn about financial freedom and how you could avoid debt. These people are the veterans of the financial world and they are extremely useful for you to watch them. It’s not always about the forex spread but about how you can achieve your financial freedom. There are also millennials in this list for you to relate to.

First of all is the Holy grail of YouTube financial advisors, Graham Stephen. Graham Stephen is a real-estate investor as well as a member of the Oppenheim Real Estate group. He has made his living through being a real estate broker as well as other ventures. Graham has over a million subscribers on his main channel Graham Stephen. He also has a second channel The Graham Stephen Show and a podcast The Iced Coffee Hour with Jack and Graham Stephen. Graham is known for his frugal way of living as well as showing the cheat codes in real estate. He shares the best credit cards and savings account for people to put their money in. He also talks about the current market situation for people to be aware of. Graham is well-known in the financial YouTube channels for his humour and tips.

Next is Dave Ramsey. If you’ve never heard of The Dave Ramsey Show, you’re missing out. Dave Ramsey is a show where Ramsey helps individuals who are in debt and give them advise on how to come out of debt and start saving. He is a very influential figure in the Christianity community as well as being a great father figure to many individuals who are lost.  Dave Ramsey also has a foundation known as Peace University where he offers classes for free to callers who are stuck in debt. Those who don’t get an opportunity to get free classes about financial independence can also access the materials by paying a small fee for it.

Finally, there is Mr Wonderful, Kevin O’ Leary. He is a well-known figure in the ABC and BBC show Shark Tank. He offers great advice and is known to be a cut-throat man. O’ Leary made his wealth when he sold his company The Learning Company for $4.2 billion in 1999 at the height of the dot.com bubble. O’ Leary also has appeared in Graham’s channel and offered advice to Graham on how to diversify his portfolio. He also invests in the stock market in addition to his impressive portfolio. If there’s anything Kevin spends on his food. He says he spends about $20,000 a month on food for his business ventures. He is also a big wine snob which is an interesting factor.

Our recommendations for YouTube are based off our preference and we realise that there are other YouTubers who make content about finances as well. We hope you watch the channels we have recommended and learn from them. Happy Watching!

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