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Evolution of Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine

Traditional medicine can be closely tied to the history of modern medicine. Modern medicine up until now and before, mostly rely on scientific evidence. The innovation and creation of manufactured drugs and prescription drugs have long replaced traditional and herbal medicine. However, there are still people who prefer the traditional method or traditional medicinal practices and products. These things are so prevalent in our world nowadays, we do not really know it came the way it is now. Do we actually know the things contained in the medication we take, whether it be traditional or modern? Things are best known in seeing on the early times. So before searching where to buy the 吉隆坡中药店, it is good to know how things started. 

Medicinal Herbs

In early times, medicinal herbs have not only been a prescribed method of medicine but in a part of our cooking and meals, making it intertwined with food as well. Herbs were stated to be used in our consumption from the times of Mesopotamia, that his writings on tablets on medicinal herbs. More texts from the ancient Egypt times also had been discovered and also illustrations on these herbs. So this shows they were already used by healers back then. There are also organic medicines as well.

Moving forward, then it spread to other countries, mostly asian countries that used spices on top of herbs. In India, it was famously used the turmeric herbs that is said to have a lot of medicinal properties in Sanskrit writings. China also has many proven evidence of herbal usage in healing and food such as hemp for leprosy. Fast forward, the uses of medicinal herbs have spread to the Romans with many studies being conducted on the herbs that were written in texts about the remedies. Then the middle ages, it was common already, that is now known as the herbalism practices we know today. Many studies show that herbs can have many benefits and proven goodness. You should also watch your diet along the way aside from just taking traditional medicine and you might even have to take high cholesterol Chinese medicine Malaysia if you don’t watch your diet.

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