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Optical Fiber And Very High Speed: What Are The Advantages For Professionals?

tm unifi malaysia

If optical fiber is becoming more widespread today, you can see it with the many companies and companies optical fiber offers available on the market, it was formerly mainly used to make inter-company links. Optical fiber and very high speed are they of interest for professionals?

The advantages of the fiber optic network are numerous: speed, stability and cost are three of the main advantages of this type of very high speed connection. Here is one by one in order to fully understand what they really bring, on a daily basis, to a professional.

tm unifi malaysia

Optical Fiber And Very High Speed: The Advantages Of Optical Fiber

When it is about optical fiber, the first benefit you have in mind is speed. By way of comparison, with ADSL internet access, the speed will peak at 20 megabits per second (Mbits / s). With an ADSL 2+ connection, the speed will peak at 25 Mbits / s. To be complete, VDSL 2 is limited to 60 Mbits / s. Very high speed has a speed greater than 30 mbit / s.

Optical fiber and very high speed bring with them many notable improvements. While copper was subject to electromagnetic disturbances along the line, the fiber is insensitive to it. More generally, xDSL links are subject to all types of surrounding imperfections. This results in flow losses and untimely desynchronizations.

What Is The Malaysia Very High Speed ​​plan?

Today, it is possible to subscribe to a tm unifi malaysia fiber package at an attractive price giving access to more services. With the Malaysia THD plan, and the RIPs, the deployment of fiber is accelerating. More and more companies are eligible for fiber.

At tm unifi pakej, you will get fiber offers passing through the Public Initiative Networks. This allows to offer you a range of packages at affordable prices. In addition to FTTO, you wull also get FTTH Pro fiber optics; fiber to the home, that is to say to the home.

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