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Why Blogging Is Important To Interior Designers

Blogging is a marketing strategy that has never gone out of style.

While a lot of people think blogging is dead, because videos and images seem a lot cooler, this is not entirely true. Blogging is still crucial to branding. Especially to an interior design company in Malaysia. Hundred of interior designer companies are established in this cosmopolitan country. How does one stand out and differentiate among their competitors?


Take a look at the reasons why your interior design company, big or small, should invest in blogging as a part of their marketing. 

  • Opportunity To Share 

There are many different forms available to share. We can share using videos on youtube and even high-quality images on Instagram. Blogging expands your opportunity to share more. While you can use Instagram and other social media to attract, blogging gives you the opportunity to share more tips, FAQs, and extend handing help to customers. 

  • Blogging strengthens relationships 

When on social media, or a website, the content acts as a mediator to strengthen a relationship. Blogging is a way to maintain your message and spread word of mouth constantly. You can develop traction and form a little community that loves hearing from you on a daily basis. Valuable information from you and quotes from the experts may be what your community is looking for. If you have figured out what your niche is, focus on that and let your audience know that you are the expert. People want experts and need to hear from them. Become the expert in your niche through blogging and people will form a relationship with you. 

  • Establish A Reputation As Credible And Trustworthy

Sources and information make you look reputable and trustworthy. A company that has no blog over a company that has a blog, it is obvious which ones of the company that people will be more attracted to. Having a wealth of information and sharing it with people makes you look credible. People look at you for your opinions and trust your opinion as well. In return, this also serves as a way to create opportunities for collaboration with quality influencers, contractors, and many more partners. 

  • Media Exposure And Advertising 

Blogging is advertising. When you blog, whatever content you create is available for the entire world to see. Blogging is a less conventional method of advertising and much less intrusive than the average methods of “buy now” videos and images. People don’t look at blogging as advertising. They hate advertisements. This is where blogging thrives since people are more open to the content on blogs than a formal ad. 

  • Relevant On The Search Engine 

The biggest advantage of blogging comes from the attraction you get from search engines. When we blog relevant content related to our specific niche, search engines do notice. Bloggers can utilize SEO strategies like keywords, meta descriptions, alt text to maximize their visibility. This attracts customers towards you as the web traffic increases. The more relevant SEO strategies you implement in blogging, the higher you rank on the google pages.

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